Updates Olympiad 10 May 2017
1) Olympiad buffs Retail "Mage winning only WW, fight WW, Haste Retail". 2) Requirement to play on all, it will be 9 player, Base 5 which is the Re...
10 May, 2017
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Update 30 april
Fixed heal in the boss custom and in boss event. Changed Restore Life to Target party.
30 April, 2017
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Update 24 April
Fixed remove SA weapons c6 in Blacksmith. Changed Area Custom boss to Bandit Stronghold, And added restricted restart in the zone.
24 April, 2017
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Updates 19 April - Boss Time
Check the Boss Status for To find out about the new spawns. In next Restart Server !
19 April, 2017
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Updates 16 April
Fixed debuff in ally area Siege. Added new item in consumable items in gmshop FOR Gold Barts "Event Box with award chance: BEWS,BEAS,BEWA,BEAA,CPPOTIONS,B...
16 April, 2017
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Aden Castle Siege started with reward in Cash Euros
Lineage II Lion ADEN First Siege Prize Money 210 Euros or 700 Tickets For the leader of the winning clan .. !! Prepare your Clan that sows you and in this S...
09 April, 2017
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Fixes Updates 05 April
Updated SS-Bss pet to infinity. Fixed Zone Chaotic to Count Point pvp. Updated Status Boss Event. Added spawn protection to Spawn Area boss Custom. Add...
05 April, 2017
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