Beta Test Participate and Win!
August 20, 2023

Join our Open Beta and get an exclusive Gift Box for OBT players only!
• Register your account At the link:
• Download our client in the Download section
• Create your character in L2 Lion
• Meet the server and do well at our opening!

BETA premiere on September 30, 2023 at 18:00

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Epic Boss with Fixed Time
Now in the 2023 season, Epic Boss will have a fixed schedule. Check the information page for updates:
28 September, 2023
Lineage 2 Lion Supports multiple languages
We are excited to announce that Lineage 2 Lion has been enhanced to offer comprehensive support for multiple languages. Now, players have the opportunity to immerse themselves in t...
20 August, 2023
News Coming
New arrivals coming in droves at L2Lion! What do we promise? A lot of competitiveness, a lot of fun, and new features that will surprise you.
19 August, 2023
L2Lion Season 2023
The biggest Lineage 2 Mid Rate server will be back in 2023 launching its 50x interlude. As always bringing the new, because innovating is our legacy.
19 August, 2023

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