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Register your side/clan/party
October 01, 2023

Gain clan level 8 with all skills.
To join our Discord forum, simply go to the clan-recruit de clan channel and follow these instructions:

Publish the name of your side, clan or party.
Mention the leader's nickname.
Share a photo or video link from your group.
Use the following link to register your group: https://discord.gg/8w8TP9ZFVq

Remembering that this event is valid until October 7th at 10:00.

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Boss Drops, Monastery, Dino, Pagan
- Boss Drops: Uruka, Lord Of Splendor Anays, Andreas Van Halter. • 2~5 BEWS 50% • 2-5 BEAS 50% • 1~4 BEAA • 1~4 BEWA • 1~4 Book of giants  &bull...
24 October, 2023
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Epic Boss time update
Attention update on schedules epic boss - Queen Ant - Frintezza - Core With new schedules Ant Queen: Monday to Saturday (20:00 – 20:30) Core: Monday to Friday (7:00 pm &nd...
11 October, 2023
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Update Seven Signs
Quest Period: Monday 18:00 – Friday 18:00 (you can register to join catacombs and necropolis and farm Seal Stones) Reward Period: Friday 18:00 – Monday 18:00 (you can...
09 October, 2023
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Join our discord and win 150 tickets
Join our discord and compete for 150 Lion Tickets! It's easy to participate, visit the link: https://discord.gg/XSTbAypwkB React to the bot's post with and wait for the d...
29 September, 2023
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