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Update Seven Signs
October 09, 2023

Quest Period: Monday 18:00 – Friday 18:00 (you can register to join catacombs and necropolis and farm Seal Stones)
Reward Period: Friday 18:00 – Monday 18:00 (you can use mammon NPCs and exchange seal stones for AA)
To be able to join catacombs and necropolis you need to register in the Dawn or Dusk NPCs from monday to friday. 
Mammon NPCs: from Friday to Monday in Giran Town and all players will be able to use it regardless of the 7s results.

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Boss Drops, Monastery, Dino, Pagan
- Boss Drops: Uruka, Lord Of Splendor Anays, Andreas Van Halter. • 2~5 BEWS 50% • 2-5 BEAS 50% • 1~4 BEAA • 1~4 BEWA • 1~4 Book of giants  &bull...
24 October, 2023
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Epic Boss time update
Attention update on schedules epic boss - Queen Ant - Frintezza - Core With new schedules Ant Queen: Monday to Saturday (20:00 – 20:30) Core: Monday to Friday (7:00 pm &nd...
11 October, 2023
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Register your side/clan/party
Gain clan level 8 with all skills. To join our Discord forum, simply go to the clan-recruit de clan channel and follow these instructions: Publish the name of your side, clan o...
01 October, 2023
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Join our discord and win 150 tickets
Join our discord and compete for 150 Lion Tickets! It's easy to participate, visit the link: https://discord.gg/XSTbAypwkB React to the bot's post with and wait for the d...
29 September, 2023
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