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Lineage 2 Lion Supports multiple languages
August 20, 2023

We are excited to announce that Lineage 2 Lion has been enhanced to offer comprehensive support for multiple languages. Now, players have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the game's world in three different languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English. This update covers all NPC dialogue, ensuring an immersive and authentic experience for all players.

While we strive to make the game more accessible, we've maintained the integrity of the Lineage 2 Lion universe by preserving English items names as well as map names. We believe this approach will allow players from different parts of the world to enjoy the journey in a more inclusive and engaging environment.

Explore the world of possibilities that Lineage 2 Lion offers now, with expanded language support and an enhanced gaming experience. Join us in this exciting new phase!


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Boss Drops, Monastery, Dino, Pagan
- Boss Drops: Uruka, Lord Of Splendor Anays, Andreas Van Halter. • 2~5 BEWS 50% • 2-5 BEAS 50% • 1~4 BEAA • 1~4 BEWA • 1~4 Book of giants  &bull...
24 October, 2023
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Epic Boss time update
Attention update on schedules epic boss - Queen Ant - Frintezza - Core With new schedules Ant Queen: Monday to Saturday (20:00 – 20:30) Core: Monday to Friday (7:00 pm &nd...
11 October, 2023
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Update Seven Signs
Quest Period: Monday 18:00 – Friday 18:00 (you can register to join catacombs and necropolis and farm Seal Stones) Reward Period: Friday 18:00 – Monday 18:00 (you can...
09 October, 2023
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Register your side/clan/party
Gain clan level 8 with all skills. To join our Discord forum, simply go to the clan-recruit de clan channel and follow these instructions: Publish the name of your side, clan o...
01 October, 2023
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